Where to Eat Detroit-Style Pizza, Outside Detroit

© Emily Bolles
Detroit-style pizza, those doughy squares heavy with molten cheese, is having a moment. Here, three spots biting into the trend. 

Emmy Squared, Brooklyn

The folks behind Pizza Loves Emily in Williamsburg take on square Hawaiian slices with hot sauce-spiked pineapple chunks and Fleisher's ham. pizzalovesemily.com/emmy-squared

Blue Pan Pizza, Denver

This square 'za spot is so popular that a second is in the works. Both will have the same over-the-top slices, including the famed one with prosciutto, scamorza and five (yes, five) more cheeses. bluepandenver.com

Unit 120, Los Angeles

Eggslut's Alvin Cailan transforms his Chinatown incubator into a pizzeria every Monday. Thai basil is his not-so-secret sauce enhancer.

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