Upgrade summer burgers.

June 28, 2016

1. Pug Burger

Danish blue cheese, smoky bacon and creamy avocado star in this amazing burger.

2. Oaxacan Turkey Burgers with Chipotle Salsa

These burgers don't exist in Mexico, but they are flavored with spices and seasonings used in the various chile-based moles for which Oaxaca is famous.

3. Spicy Poached Chicken Burgers


Delicious avocado mash tops these moist, low-fat chicken burgers.

4. Uncle Louie Burgers

Russian dressing, avocado and bacon make this amazing "Louie-style" burger.

5. Mexican Avocado Burgers

There is nothing quite like a nicely seasoned, perfectly cooked, beautifully topped burger. This terrific burger is sprinkled with a spice mix halfway through grilling; if you mix it in before cooking, the meat will get tough. Garnishes of crema and avocado add rich creaminess that pushes this burger over the top.


Garnishes of crema and avocado add rich creaminess to this delectable burger.