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Comfort foods shouldn’t be reserved for cold weather, sad days or stressed-out occasions. In fact, in a recent study, nearly 40% of participants chose comfort food when they were having a great day or celebrating their birthdays. And what was their number one comfort food pick? Pizza, of course. When you’re not in the mood for pizza, you can opt for America’s long list of other favorites: mac and cheese, chicken soup, ice cream, chocolate, fried chicken and more. Food & Wine offers so many recipes that you could eat comfort food exclusively (please don’t though, for your health). Plus, we have fun ideas from around the world and new takes on classic dishes from expert chefs.

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Food & Wine: How to Make Chicken Potpie
How to Make Chicken Potpie
"How could you eat a chicken potpie and not shed a tear?" asks Matt Bolus, chef of 
The 404 Kitchen in Nashville. “I don’t know anyone, whether you’re from Knoxville or Manhattan, who didn’t grow up eating it.” Each bite delivers nostalgia, and Bolus 
doesn’t want to mess with those memories. “It’s all about enhancing that rich, roasty chicken flavor,” he says. With that goal in mind, Bolus sets his sights on the bird: 
He browns then poaches the meat, and uses that stock to flavor his filling. And that impossibly flaky crust? It’s all about butter and a healthy dose of schmaltz (“the 
real power player,” Bolus says). We’re already lining up for seconds. 404 12th Ave. S.; —Julia Heffelfinger

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