Coffee Drinks & Recipes

Cold brew, pour-over, Aeropress, Chemex, we could go on. But no matter what way you brew your coffee—and these days there are at least a half dozen—one thing’s for sure: coffee has become an ingredient that garners serious respect. If you need more proof that coffee isn’t just a jolt of caffeine, try using it the next time you cook. It’s complex, floral yet earthy flavor can take a dish a to the next level (Mocha Walnut Cake and Coffee-rubbed Prime Rib, we’re looking at you.) Our handy F&W coffee guide covers coffee from bean to cocktail bar (Caffè Romano Martini, anyone?) Check out our coffee geek’s guide to buying beans, our recipes for coffee-infused dishes and, most importantly, a play-by-play for how to roast that perfect cup.

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