Hard cider is one of the most delicious ways to drink alcohol—or at least we think so. It’s great anytime of year, but apple cider is one of those things that are perfect in the fall, whether added to sparkling sangria or used as a sauce for smoked sausage. One of our favorite recipes showcasing hard cider is this pork chop dish, which gets amazing fall flavor with just a handful of ingredients. The boozy cider is transformed into a sauce with leeks, fennel, sage and apple, and then poured over seared pork chops. Serve it with a hard-cider cocktailor a boozy dessert for a perfectly autumnal supper.

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Food & Wine:  How to Make Apple Cider Doughnuts
How to Make Apple Cider Doughnuts
Some chefs can’t stop playing with their food. Consider Alex Talbot and Aki Kamozawa, the innovators behind a blog called Ideas in Food and the partners at Curiosity Doughnuts in Stockton, New Jersey. Why the name Curiosity? “Because it fuels everything we do,” says Kamozawa. To perfect their signature hand-rolled cider doughnuts, they tinkered endlessly with the texture, finally borrowing a technique from Japanese milk bread. The simultaneously moist and tender results put standard farmers’ market cider doughnuts to shame. The only way to improve on perfection? A luscious glaze or a roll in cinnamon-cardamom sugar. Fresh out of the fryer, these babies are straight-up mind-blowing. Here’s how to make your own batch.—Tina Ujlaki

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