Cinco de Mayo Drinks

Here, amazing recipes for Cinco de Mayo cocktails including a
colorful tequila cobbler featuring kiwi and mixologist Adam
Seger's aphrodisiac margarita made with passion fruit and

Easy Recipes for Cinco de Mayo Drinks

  • Cilantro Cooler

    According to Jamie Boudreau, a good aperitif often hints at the meal that will follow. This cilantro-spiked drink—which Boudreau likes to mix with a eucalyptus-infused simple syrup—would be a great lead-up to Mexican food.

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    Cilantro Cooler
  • Tangy Hibiscus-Lime Iced Tea

    F&W shares a refreshing, sweet-tart iced tea.

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    Tangy Hibiscus-Lime Iced Tea
  • Amante Picante Margarita

    This spicy margarita combines three savory ingredients: jalapeño, cilantro and cucumber.

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    Amante Picante Margarita
  • Paloma

    This is mixologist Philip Ward's take on what might be Mexico's most popular tequila drink. Instead of using bottled grapefruit soda, he combines grapefruit juice, simple syrup and club soda.

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  • Horchata Milk Shake

    Horchata is a sweet, milky iced drink that's popular throughout Latin America. Mexicans make it predominately with rice and chef Rick Ortiz blends in vanilla ice cream.

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    Horchata Milk Shake
  • Red Sangrita

    In Mexico, sangrita is traditionally served well chilled and accompanied by a good tequila served neat.

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    Red Sangrita