Why go to culinary school when you can learn from chefs around the globe? Food & Wine connects you to all your favorite chefs, so they can give you their expert advice, teach you delicious recipes (tons of them) or introduce you to their go-to spots in their hometowns and beyond. Where else can you learn how to perfect pie crust from the legendary Jacques Pépin or find out how to cook a trending recipe from one of our Best New Chefs right at home? Combined, these chefs have centuries of experience, which can hopefully teach you to better appreciate the culinary world around you.

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Food & Wine: F&W Best New Chefs 2017
F&W Best New Chefs 2017
Our hunt for the Best New Chefs 
of 2017 took us on a sweeping, 
no-stone-unturned journey, from the cobblestoned streets of downtown Manhattan to the tippy 
top of the Pacific Northwest. 
The mark: rising stars who are 
defying the boundaries of American restaurant cooking. After months on the road, we’re ready to reveal the most compelling, diverse group 
of talent in the 29-year history 
of Best New Chefs. Want to know what the future of food looks like? Just read on.