Team Estela Opens Flora Bar and Flora Coffee Tonight in The Met Breuer

© Glen Allsop
Prepare yourself for a different kind of night at the museum.

Ignacio Mattos and Thomas Carter are at it again.

After opening restaurant blockbusters Estela and Café Altro Paradiso in New York City, the hip chef-somm duo have embarked uptown to The Met Breuer, among Paul Klee paintings and Diane Arbus photographs, to debut their latest project: Flora Bar and Flora Coffee.

At the bar, the focus is seafood, like San Diego whelks and tuna for flax seed-studded tartare, and the wine list highlights "fresher, younger, more ethereal" wines, according to Grub Street. Next door, the coffee bar will have pastries, sandwiches to-go and hot Parlor Coffee.

Reservations are up for grabs now, so snatch 'em while they're hot (and still there).

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