Jean-Georges Vongerichten's Healthy Tonics

© Charissa Fay
The superchef calls his new line of tonics "little shots of joy."

One part superchef, one part alchemist, Jean-Georges Vongerichten is dabbling in healing elixirs at his recently opened abcV restaurant in New York’s Flatiron neighborhood. “We live in a crazy world, and we need to bring as much nutrition to people as we can,” says the chef, who calls his line of tonics “little shots of joy.” Behold his restorative brews.

"Brain": Kale, spinach and ginger with a blend of Chinese herbs.

Grounding”: Agave-sweetened pear and green apple, with revitalizing ginseng.

Spirit”: Calming kava root with grapefruit 
and pomegranate.

: Stimulating tea with blood orange 
and damiana leaf.

Joy”: A bubbly mix 
of rose petals, black currant 
and tangerine.

Try making your own elixirs at home, like this turmeric tonic.

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