Chefs Club Plans Epic Moroccan-Mexican Dinner This Fall

For one night during the NYC Wine & Food Festival, chefs Mourad Lahlou and Alex Stupak will cook together.

"If you're throwing a party, you should be having more fun than anybody else," says San Francisco-based chef Mourad Lahlou, whose superb chicken tagine and hearty lentils with spicy merguez are just a few examples of amazing entertaining dishes. This fall, Lahlou will bring his genius takes on Moroccan food to New York City. Partnering with taco guru Alex Stupak for the New York City Wine & Food Festival, the duo will host a dinner at Chefs Club NY on October 13, which combines Moroccan and Mexican flavors: Think lamb shawarma tacos and 72-hour braised short ribs with charmoula and harissa.

Visit for reservations or contact the studio at 212-941-1100.

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