Chef Sang Yoon's Favorite Hong Kong Restaurants

In this video, Los Angeles chef Sang Yoon shares his favorite Hong Kong spots including an amazing dim sum restaurant and where to get ultra-fresh seafood.

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[MUSIC] I'm in one of the most exciting dining cities in the entire world, Hong Kong. There are countless Amazing choices for breakfast, lunch, dinner and ridiculous night life. I'm so excited to share with you all my favorite. [MUSIC] I'm starting my morning, Hong Kong style. Breakfast at Tim Ho Wan, world famous for their dim sum and being the least expensive Michelin star restaurant in the entire world which is awesome. So I'm kinda strapped for cash right now. [MUSIC] My visit to Tim Ho Wan is Not complete without trying the [UNKNOWN] pineapple bun. Crispy, sweet, baked, dough filled with savory, unctuous, amazing pork filling. I always say This one bite is the only reason you need to visit Hong Kong. [MUSIC] Hong Kong's such an exciting city, but I wanted to get away and find a little bit of nature. So I took a really short drive out to Sai Kung. I just finished an amazing hike to this perfect, placid, quiet bay. I'm blown away that you could find nature so close to such an incredible, energetic city. On my way back from the hike, I decided to stop at a cool little fishing village called Sai Kong, just a short drive from the city. I'm at this famous seafood restaurant, Sing Kee Seafood, where they feature live beautiful catch of the day. I'm about to go pick out my live lunch. [MUSIC] Seafood here is so fresh it's so hard to pick just one thing. Found a beautiful whole crab that they bathe in this amazing spicy Salted egg preparation. I can't wait to dig in. And this incredible whole fried grouper. It's filleted, deep fried. I can't believe it, I just need to. [MUSIC] Incredible. Incredible. Perfect, flaky, moist. [MUSIC] Oh. [MUSIC] I didn't bring these scissors, by the way. They gave them to me. [MUSIC] Oh, yeah. Fresh crab is so Sweet and succulent and, oh, amazing. The garlic, the chili. Oh. Standing here in Lan Kwai Fong, the epicenter of night life in Hong Kong. Behind me, in the Lan Kwai Fong Hotel, This is Celebrity Cuisine. This is where Chef Chang executes classic Cantonese dishes at the absolute highest level and been awarded two Michelin stars. This is the perfect place to start your night out in Hong Kong. [MUSIC] An incredible menu of Such intricate dishes. Classic steamed fish with pickled vegetables. A beautiful stuffed prawn in a hamalaise supreme broth, so savory, so buttery. And weird, interesting dishes like chicken wings stuffed with bird's nest. Sounds crazy [MUSIC] Incredibly intricate work. And if you get to know chef Cheng himself, become a regular here, Hong Kong's known for its tailoring, you might get a tailor made menu just for you. This is a spot you gotta come check out. As you can see, Hong Kong's dining scene is absolutely unbelievable. And today I've definitely had more than my fair share. I've found the perfect place to end my night, with champagne on top of the world. Ozone at the Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. Cheers. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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Chef Sang Yoon's Favorite Hong Kong Restaurants