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Food world stars reveals the recipes, routines and gear they can’t live without.

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Professional Every Day Carry (EDC)

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Chefs' Go-To Cocktails

Chefs’ Go-To Cocktails

“I like things that are high acid but with a balance of sweetness, so I love a Pisco Sour,” says Chef David Guas. “I love the tartness, the bitterness, the egg whites, the multiple textures and layers of flavor—everything.”

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Chefs'Every Day Carry: Michael Phillips


  Michael Phillips of L.A.’s Handsome Coffee Roasters carries a coffee kit with beans, a kitchen scale, an Aeropress brewer and a hand grinder.
Chefs Share their Daily Rituals
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Chefs Share Their Rituals

Before service begins, chef Edward Lee of 610 Magnolia in Louisville, Kentucky takes a lap around the dining room. “I always adjust one place setting, even if it’s perfect,” he says. Here, more chef rituals.

Chefs' Favorite Breakfasts
Expert Routines

Favorite Breakfasts

The arborio rice in Joe Bastianich’s lightly sweet pudding provides complex carbohydrates for energy. Since the pudding keeps well in the refrigerator, Bastianich makes it in big batches, then reheats portions for quick breakfasts.