7 Ways to Eat More Mango at Brunch

We love this tropical fruit in the morning.

From refreshing juice to delicious muffins, here are seven excellent ways to get your mango fix at brunch.

1. Mango-Tamraind Smoothie 

Unsweetened tamarind paste gives this creamy mango smoothie a nice tartness. 

2. Tropical Chia Coconut-Mango Granola

This granola is terrific on its own, but it's great for breakfast with yogurt or milk.

3. Warm Blueberry and Mango Compote

Top your pancakes or waffles with this delicious fruit compote.

4. Mango Margarita

Make brunch broozy with this refreshing mango margarita.

5. Free-Form Pineapple, Mango and Berry Tarts

Basically any dessert can double as a brunch dish. Here, pineapple, mango and blueberries are the perfect filling for a fruit tart.

6. Tropical Mini Breakfast Muffins

Mango, banana and coconut gives these muffins a sweet flavor, while the garbanzo bean flour helps create a tender texture and also provides a little extra protein.

7. Pineapple-Mango Juice

Start your morning with this amazing tropical juice. 

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