Soda Bread

Unlike a yeast bread, this quick bread doesn't make you wait for it to rise. Soda bread has four very basic components: flour, baking soda (hence the name), salt and buttermilk. Without yeast, the bread relies on a reaction between the buttermilk and baking soda to leaven the dough. The Irish claimed this bread as their own because their climate is best-suited to grow soft wheat—used in cakes and pastries—which doesn't fare well in yeast bread recipes. But don't limit yourself to a St. Patrick's Day feast to try this bread. Slices of hearty soda bread are great toasted with a smear of jam and butter on an average morning. F&W's guide covers the traditional recipe but also throws in some curveballs, like soda bread pudding and bread dotted with caraway seeds and sweet golden raisins.

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