Savory Bread

Despite America's obsession with sweet treats, baking isn't all about sugar. Savory breads like rosemary focaccia or buttery garlic knots deserve a second look too. And what elevates ordinary bread into savory perfection? The addition of mouth-watering ingredients—like cheese, bacon, onions and more. You're only limited by your imagination in the kitchen. F&W's guide to savory bread provides delicious recipes from loaded corn bread to airy spoon breads. You can even find ideas for savory cupcakes, such as a curried buttermilk cake filled with peas, carrots and potatoes or a recipe that incorporates goat cheese-horseradish "frosting."

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Food & Wine: How to Make Spelt Garlic Knots
How to Make Spelt Garlic Knots
We’re calling it: 2017 is the year of the garlic knot. And the 
best part about these revamped classics taking Brooklyn by storm? They’re not only good, they’re good for you. At newly opened Gristmill 
in Park Slope, dough wunderkind Jake Novick-Finder has 
a devoted following for his reinvention of the beloved 
pizza shop snack. Made with fresh, locally milled flour (which is more nutrient-dense) and whole-grain spelt flour, 
his garlic knots are chewier 
and more flavorful than your standard knots. He finishes them with a liberal sprinkling of everything-bagel spice and cacio e pepe toppings. “But they still hit that same nostalgic note,” he says. —Julia Heffelfinger