At it's barest definition, flatbread is any bread that is flat. Many flatbreads are unleavened—meaning they don't rise—but some are simply rolled out before being baked. Flatbreads take center stage in many cuisines around the globe. Mexico has tortillas, Ethiopia has injera, India has naan and the Middle East has pitas. These easy-to-handle breads are usually a smart choice when you want to eat on the go or avoid dirtying utensils during a meal, which makes them a great party food choice. The F&W guide to flatbreads explores all the different varieties with amazing recipes and tips for baking the best homemade versions.

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The Bacon Naan Roll at London's Dishoom
One of the best breakfast sandwiches in London fuses two foods that the city does incredibly well: naan bread and bacon. In this clip, London's Issy Croker and Megan Abbott of The Curious Pear, capture just what makes it so good. Here's more on where to eat it: "Dishoom is one of the few chains in London that has retained all of its original soul. With a setting inspired by the rock n’roll scene of 1970s Bombay, Dishoom’s Carnaby Street branch is the perfect place to feast on their signature bacon naan roll. Head chef Arun Kumar makes the bread in a traditional tandoor before spreading with cream cheese and chutney, and topping with bacon from The Ginger Pig in North Yorkshire. This, enjoyed with bottomless glasses of spicy chai, is what keeps queues spilling out the door on weekends."