Writer Alice Feiring Talks "Naked Wine"

Alice Feiring.

© Andrew French
Alice Feiring.

Naked Wine: Letting Grapes Do What Comes Naturally

Do you see Naked Wine as a manifesto for the natural wine movement?

What do you mean when you call wine "naked"?

The variety of opinions you found from known natural winemakers was surprising. Like Eric Texier and Thierry Puzelat, who said that under some circumstances, they might use enzymes (an intervention that most natural-wine aficionados would frown on). How do you explain that?
terroir terroir

Do you think it's a common misconception that there are set rules for natural winemaking?

Terms like organic and biodynamic have entered consumer—and marketing—lexicons. Do you think that's a positive thing?

If you need a bottle and your only option is a supermarket or liquor store, what do you look for?

After going through the wine process for the book, do you have more or less sympathy for winemakers who use modern techniques?

Is there a new-world region that you think is headed in a great direction right now?

Alice Feiring's three-bottle introduction to natural wines:

2007 Domaine de la Tournelle Fleur de Savagnin

2009 Clos Roche Blanche Cot

2009 La Clarine Farm Home Vineyard Red Blend


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