Wing Week: Sriracha Hot Wings

Sriracha Hot Wings

© Tina Rupp
Sriracha Hot Wings

This Sunday, the competition isn’t just between two football teams trying to win the Super Bowl. There’s also a battle of the hot sauces: the original fire-breathing chicken-wing glaze, Frank’s Red Hot, and Tabasco’s new Buffalo Style hot sauce. Each company recently launched a multi-million-dollar ad campaign in the hope of securing its place in hot-wing recipes across the country. There’s a more unique alternative. At The Good Fork in Brooklyn, husband-and-wife owners Ben Schneider and Sohui Kim use neither Tabasco nor Frank’s. Their Asian-inflected Hot Wings get lots of heat from the cult Thai condiment, Sriracha. To combat the spice, Kim and Schneider serve a cooling mix of rice vinegar–spiked sour cream alongside.

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