Why You Should Make a Pizza Pilgrimage to Portland

© Eva Kolenko
At P.R.E.A.M (Pizza Rules Everything Around Me) in Portland, Oregon, chef Nicholas Ford's signature kale and onion pie is a major hit.

The people at P.R.E.A.M. (Pizza Rules Everything Around Me) in Portland, Oregon, are obsessed: They tore down the front wall of their restaurant to bring in a 6,200-pound wood-fired oven. Now chef Nicholas Ford uses that oven to make stellar pies — and nearly every component of his toppings. 2131 SE 11th Ave.; preampizza.com.

Here's the anatomy of Ford's signature kale and onion pizza (pictured above):

1. Kale: Olive oil dresses four types of kale: Italian, purple, curly and Tuscan.
2. Onions: Walla Walla "petals" get roasted to make them extra sweet.
3. Shaved lardo: House-cured pork fat curls into chicharrón-like strips when cooked.
4. Mozzarella: Cheese is smoked for five hours over oak, alder, maple 
and cherry wood.

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