Why You Should Make This Apple Cake Now

© Anna Williams
It's delicious, it's easy, it's handsome, and it's coated and soaked with the best toffee glaze ever. 

We've made scores of apple sweets over the years, but this cake is one of our favorites. It has absolutely everything going for it. It's superdelicious; it's easy; it's handsome; it's coated and soaked with the best toffee glaze ever, and you don't have to seek out a pomologist or farmer for an apple variety you've never heard of in order to make it. This recipe gilds the lily with a toffee sauce and caramelized apples, but the cake, in all its glazed glory, can stand alone for breakfast, dessert or for gift-giving, and it takes just three simple steps to make it.

Get the Recipe: Apple Cake With Toffee Crust

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