Why You Should Grill Your Tomatoes

Get ready for tomato season!

Fresh summer tomatoes are fantastic for the grill—it warms them and amps up their already fantastic sweetness. From amazing salads to super-simple salmon kebabs, here are five reasons why you should definitely grill your tomatoes this season.

1. Juicy Grilled Tomatoes

Grilling tomatoes in a foil packet keeps their delicious juices. Flavor the tomatoes with any fresh herbs or aromatics, then use them in a briny summer clam chowder or crostini.

2. Grilled Tomato-and-Scallion Salad

"If it were up to me, I would throw everything on the grill," says chef Tim Love, who cooks tomatoes and scallions over a hot fire for a simple salad flavored with a little lime juice and crumbled cheese.

3. Grilled & Marinated Tomatoes with Feta

This fantastic make-ahead dish features grilled tomatoes in olive oil with mint and red onions. It's wonderful with the crumbled feta over a bed of greens, alongside steak or simply with crusty bread.

4. Grilled Tomato Salad with Mozzarella and Unagi Sauce


Star chef Stephanie Izard makes the ultimate summer salad with grilled tomatoes and a creamy version of sweet-salty Japanese unagi sauce.

5. Salmon and Cherry Tomato Skewers with Rosemary Vinaigrette

© Nicole Franzen

Cook these simple kebabs on skewers or even on sturdy rosemary sprigs.

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