Why You Need This Hanukkah Doughnut Right Now

© Tina Ujlaki
These delicious sufganiyot, available at Breads Bakery only during the Hanukkah season, are not to be missed. 

At Breads Bakery in NYC's Union Square, the deep fryer only comes out once a year, for a couple of weeks during Hanukkah. Then it's all hands on deck at the bakery in the race to keep up with the demand for their light and pillowy, not too sweet and never greasy filled doughnuts called sufganiyot (soof-gone-ee-OAT). This year, they'll be making about 25,000, filled with strawberry jelly, vanilla custard, chocolate and dulce de leche.

Everything was fairly calm when I went, but rumor has it that there was a two-hour wait the other night, so be sure to go early. And while you're there, pick up one of their remarkable babkas (or two), a poppy or cinnamon danish, a lemon tart, a muesli roll, cheese straws or thin olive breads, and/or hands-down the finest chocolate almond croissant in the city.

Breads Bakery, 18 East 16th Street; breadsbakery.com.

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