Why Rubbing Garlic on Your Face Might Not Be a Bad Idea

It's not just a vampire deterrent.

Last week, people were rubbing onions on their eyebrows. This week, they’re rubbing garlic on their faces. Why? Instagram beauty “gurus” swear that rubbing a slice of garlic on a pimple will make it disappear instantly.

How does it work? As ‘grammer Farah Dhukai recently instructed in a post: “Take a clove of garlic and make some cuts in it to extract some garlic juice. Rub the garlic on any pimples that you may have…It’ll be gone instantly and won’t come back.”

But will it actually do anything? Delish spoke to dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler who said, yes, it actually might help clear up a zit. “Allicin is the active ingredient in garlic,” she said. “Allicin has anti-inflammatory properties, so it's possible that applying some could take down the inflammation."

If you're intrigued, just don't try it at Buckingham Palace.

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