Why This New Chicago Bakery Grinds Its Own Flour

Two radical traditionalists grind their own flour—the way their great-great-grandparents once did—at Chicago’s most forward-thinking new bakery.

At Chicago’s Baker Miller, owners Dave and Megan Miller grind their own flour—the way their great-great-grandparents once did.

At the peak of their success at Chicago’s Bang Bang Pie Shop—daily lines around the block, media attention and awards—Dave and Megan Miller sold their share of the bakery and quit. The couple weren’t convinced that they were truly deserving of the accolades, so they decided to start a new bakery with a more DIY approach. At Baker Miller, they grind all their own wheat to make sourdough cinnamon rolls, chewy chocolate chip cookies and Megan’s great-great-grandparents’ butterscotch pie. They sell the flour to home bakers as well. “We’re advocates of flour, not of baked goods,” says Dave. “It’s not about the butter or the sugar. We want to change the entire conversation.” 4610 N. Western Ave.; bakermillerchicago.com.

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