Why Apples Float

Find out why apples float and more interesting food trivia.

Every day, F&W editor in chief Dana Cowin (@fwscout) posts fun food facts to Twitter using#dailywordwizard. Here, a roundup of the most recent bits of trivia she revealed.

1. Friday the 13th food superstition: if you put milk in your tea before sugar, you'll never get married.

2. Does cereal make you sane? It was conceived in the 1800s in a sanitarium.

3. Apple fact: apples are about 25% air; that's why they float.

4. Let's rumble: borborygmus is the scientific term for stomach growling.

5. Alugbati is a leafy green popular in the Philppines.

6. Fruit fatality: sound effects in the Psycho shower scene were created by stabbing casaba melons.

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