What's Your Snow Day Personality? (Plus Recipes to Match)

As snowfall continues to blanket much of the East Coast, distinct snow personalities are emerging. Here, an (unscientific) survey, and our recipe suggestions for each:

Personality: The Powder Fiend
First thought: Sledding!
Recipe suggestions: Hot chocolate to take along in a thermos including an ultrarich version topped with coconut cream, plus portable sandwiches like pita bread stuffed with deviled egg salad and strips of steak.

Personality: The Aesthete
First thought: How gorgeous!
Recipe suggestions: Stunning all-white dishes to match the snow like a decadent cauliflower puree made with both cream and butter and a chicken-and-almond stir-fry.

Personality: The Hermit
First thought: Let me hibernate!
Recipe suggestions: Dishes that make ingenious use of pantry staples like a chunky chickpea dip or figs in a blanket (dried figs stuffed with nuts and wrapped in slices of prosciutto).


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