What’s Your Burger Personality?

Your burger preference says a lot about what kind of person you are.

Your burger preference says a lot about what kind of person you are. For example, chef Sang Yoon not only refuses ketchup but bans it from his restaurant. From that, you might guess that he’s a bit of an eccentric artist. (Watch him chat with Michael Symon about the other ways burgers can be wronged.)

Here, eight delicious and diverse burgers for eight equally terrific types of people.

Nacho Burger
Bobby Flay’s over-the-top burger is topped with gooey cheese, salsa and tortilla chips.
Who loves it: Party animals.

Cheddar-and-Onion Smashed Burger
This thin and crispy griddled burger is smothered in melty cheddar cheese, onions and pickles.
Who loves it: Old-school dudes (or dudettes).

Scallop and Corn Bacon Burger with Spicy Mayo
Incredibly juicy with a sweet crunch thanks to the corn, these scallop burgers taste like a summer road trip up the coast.
Who loves it: Beach bums.

Scallion-and-Brie-Stuffed Burger
These super luxurious burgers are stuffed with a hunk of brie and scallion paste.
Who loves it: Fancy pants.

Fresh and Juicy Veggie Burger
Veggie burgers don’t have the best reputation, but these meat-free patties are terrifically juicy and packed with flavor.
Who loves it: Tree-huggers.

Tuna Niçoise Burger
This tuna burger offers the flavors of a Niçoise salad, on a bun.
Who loves it: Ladies who lunch.

Lola Burger
Michael Symon’s crazy-delicious, egg-and-bacon-topped burger is part hamburger, part breakfast sandwich.
Who loves it: Late risers.

Turkey Burger With Spicy Pickle Sauce
These turkey burgers are super-lean and healthy, but just as satisfying as a beef burger.
Who loves it: Health nuts.

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