What You Can Buy for $20 in Portland, ME

Kate Christensen, author of the memoir Blue Plate Special, shares what to eat in Portland, ME for less than $20.

Kate Christensen, author of the memoir Blue Plate Special, shares what to eat in Portland, ME for less than $20.

$14: Dumplings from Empire Chinese Kitchen. "For those who can't eat gluten, finding rice-paper steamed dumplings is always a treat. These are hands down the best in town."

$2: Salted-chocolate Maine-potato doughnut from The Holy Donut. "You can't taste the potatoes, but they make the doughnuts tender."

$4: Ginger brew and organic fruit from Rosemont Market & Bakery. "Maine Root ginger brew is spicy and bubbly, packed with fresh ginger flavor."

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