What To Eat While You Watch the Iowa Caucus Results Come In

© Milton Creamery
Meat and cheese from Iowa, obviously. 

There's hardly a better way to commune with Iowa tonight than by camping out in front of CNN to watch the caucus results roll in while enjoying some of the state's local specialties. For hors d'oeuvres, assemble a platter of delicious meats from the Iowa-based company La Quercia (La KWER-cha)—maybe their speck, plus prosciutto, coppa, and salami, and don't forget bread's best friend, their spreadable n'duja. To go with the meats, try these two fantastic cheeses from the Milton Creamery: There's the award-winning Prairie Breeze, as well as Flory's Truckle, a clothbound cheddar that's made in collaboration with the Flory Family in Missouri. In case you're wondering, truckle is the cylindrical shape in which traditional old-world cheddars were formed. Flory's Truckle is not only delicious; it gets my vote for best cheese moniker.

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