Weird Web Rumors: Vodka in Pill Form

A number of blogs have picked up on a Times of India story that recently ran (and was picked up here by HuffPo) about a Russian scientist who is credited with developing a powdered form of alcohol. Nifty! Fascinating! Sorta scary, too!

Anyway, turns out the source for the Times of India story, near as I can tell, may be this story that ran in Pravda Online, which seems to be some sort of bizarre semi-tabloid mutation of the formerly dour and not exactly reliable Soviet house-organ newspaper. Lenin would not approve. But I do like this quote from the scientist himself, Yevgeny (or Evgeny, depending on your source) Moskalev:

"Unfortunately, spirit can be only retained in capsules made of stearic acid, so powdered vodka tastes like a candle...To be honest, I did not like vodka in pills. It is much better to eat it with a dessert spoon, although you can’t eat more than three or four spoons and the effect is weak. So, vodka is best consumed the old way."

Darn tootin', Yevgeny. I say consume it the old way, too.

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