Watch This Ultimate Bûche de Noël Luxuriate in Liquid Chocolate

This is not your typical bûche de Noël.

This is not your typical bûche de Noël. Bouchon Bakery's elegant, decadent version incorporates layers of caramel mousse, white chocolate crunchies, sea-salt-sprinkled caramel jam and intense dark chocolate cake. That's all set into mousse made with Valrhona's Manjari single-origin chocolate, then glazed with even more chocolate.

The Chocolate Cremeux bûche takes three days to make, but Bouchon's chef Ali Altieri took us into the Rockefeller Center bakery's kitchen to demonstrate the final assembly. Watch the full flipbook animation below. If you love chocolate, you'll want to go find this at one of the Bouchon Bakery locations in New York, L.A., Las Vegas or Yountville right now. (6" and 8" versions available from $35.)

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