Watch: Chris Cosentino's Offal Odyssey in Hong Kong

The offal-obsessed chef was in blood-and-guts heaven in Hong Kong.

Chef Chris Cosentino, of San Francisco’s Cockscomb, recently traveled to Hong Kong to team up with chef Alvin Leung on a dinner inspired by characters from the Marvel Comics universe. (Not only is Cosentino a comic book fan, but he's actually canon within the Marvel world—he both wrote and appeared in an issue of Wolverine.) After the dinner, he had some work to do. If you know anything about Cosentino, you know he's a fiend for organ meats. With Christian Remde of Palate Films in tow, he set out in search of the city's best intestine, liver, kidney and other offal treats. Watch the video above to see his blood-and-guts food tour of Hong Kong.

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