WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Explores Manila in the New Season of Parts Unknown

The new season of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown premieres this Sunday.

The new season of Game of Thrones might have dragons, giants and white walkers, but what about halo-halo, sizzling sisig and mysterious balikbayan boxes? This Sunday, skip GOT (or at least DVR it for later) and tune in to the premier of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown season seven.

This season, Bourdain will explore exotic places like Buenos Aires, Tblisis and the Greek Islands, as well as some more familiar spots like Chicago and Montana. It all kicks off in the Philippines where Bourdain eats and drinks his way through the streets of Manila. Tune in to CNN this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT, and get a sneak peek of the episode below.

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