This VR Experience Lets You Eat Breakfast with Cleopatra

The best part of waking up is sitting across from Cleopatra.

Let’s play a word-association game. We’ll say a word, and you say what it makes you think of. Here, we go. One, two, three, cereal! Did you say ancient Egypt? No? Well then Kellogg’s new virtual reality breakfast experience might confuse you.

The cereal giant recently revealed a VR program that allows people to eat breakfast with Cleopatra. Why? To promote the company’s new Ancient Legends breakfast cereal, available only in the UK, which is made with ingredients from the “ancient” world like flax seeds, chia, spelt, barley, quinoa and honey. It’s cereal just like Cleopatra would have eaten. (All joking aside, ancient Egyptians did, actually, eat a lot of cereal grains, but they probably weren’t kissed with honey and eaten with milk.)

The experience utilizes the Oculus Rift headset, which transports the user to Cleopatra’s breakfast table. History’s greatest beauty is there, sitting next to the viewer, eating her very milky cereal. You can turn your head and see the guards around you, the pyramids in the distance, the box of Kellogg’s on the table. In reality, users are given a bowl of cereal to eat with a spoon strapped to a controller, which translates into the virtual world. Get a glimpse of the breakfast simulator below.

[h/t The Verge]

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