Video: Rick Bayless Makes the Ultimate 4/20 Tacos

©  Paul Elledge
For someone who claims to be weed-free, Rick Bayless sure knows his munchies.

Chef Rick Bayless is once again showing off his Youtube star potential in a new video. This time, instead of dressing up as Bob Ross and painting happy little cilantro leaves, he’s celebrating 4/20 with tacos, tie-dye and bacon.

While Bayless’s very “mellow” intro might have you wondering if the Chicago chef was under the 4/20 influence while filming, he asserts that he was stone cold sober. “The truth is I never touch the stuff,” he writes on the video’s Youtube page. “Well, certainly not recently (remember, I came of age in the ‘60s). Besides, I’m a mezcal man.” We had no idea mezcal and marijuana were mutually exclusive.

Watch the video below to see Bayless in all his giggly glory make cheesy bacon and potato tacos.

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