Video: How to Make Incredible Deep-Fried Glassy Nuts

There are candied nuts, and then there are Deep-Fried Glassy Nuts.

We've partnered with the mad food scientists at ChefSteps to bring their hyper-inventive cooking videos to F&W readers.

Subtly sweet, with an incredible glasslike coating, these killer nuts come thanks to a two-step technique that creates remarkably consistent snacks—no weird globs of sugar coating, no burnt bits, no overly chewy centers. Follow our simple tips, and you’ll wind up with a sexy, pro-level treat that will improve so many things you love already. Dig candied pecans? You’re about to take that affection to an entirely new level. Need a good wedding favor? Toss these in mini mason jars and place them atop each setting. Like a cocktail with a buddy after work? A handful of these will make that manhattan go down even smoother. Need something crunchy to top a salad, sundae, or waffle? Okay, you get the idea. Point is: These are the best dang nuts ever, and you gotta make them. You gotta make them right now.

Get the full recipe at

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