The Ultimate Wine Party Snack

Here's an easy, wine-friendly snack strategy for parties.

Here's an easy, wine-friendly snack strategy for parties: Buy ricotta or make your own with the recipe at Toast bread, spoon on some of the cheese and serve with one or all of these simple toppings from chef Allison Jenkins of Austin’s LaV restaurant.

1. Balsamic Fig Crostini
Flavor: Smoky and sweet
Wine Pairing: Sparkling or fruity rosé

2. Olive Tapenade Crostini
Flavor: Pungent, salty and tangy
Wine Pairing: Crisp whites and not-too-fruity reds

3. Dried Fruit Compote Crostini
Flavor: Fruity-sweet
Wine Pairing: Rich California Chardonnay or cherry-flavored Pinot Noir

Recipe: Ricotta Crostini with Three Toppings

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