The Ultimate Vegan Burger Dumpling

© Dillon Burke
A collaboration between Mimi Cheng's and by CHLOE has created a limited-edition vegan dumpling even carnivores will love.

What better way to celebrate International Women's Day (and Women's History Month) than eating an inspired new dumpling collaboration from two women-owned businesses? New York City's Mimi Cheng's is known for its delicious and, at times, outlandish dumplings—including everything from breakfast-appropriate scrambled egg- and breakfast sausage-stuffed versions to Thanksgiving dinner in a bite. Now, the innovative dumpling spot is teaming up with the city's vegan sensation, by CHLOE, to re-imagine one of the diner's most popular menu items, the Guac Burger.

Available through March, the deliciously crispy Guac Burger Dumpling is pan-fried and filled with black beans, quinoa, sweet potato and corn salsa, to mimic by CHLOE's signature burger patty. It's topped with guacamole, beet ketchup and crunchy tortilla chips and served with chipotle aioli for dipping. The result: a fully vegan dumpling that even carnivores will love.

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