Ultimate Layer Cakes and Decorating Tips

We're partnering with our Time Inc. sister brands Cooking Light, Health, My Recipes, Real Simple, Southern Living and Sunset to bring you 60 days of amazing holiday video, with a new theme each week. This week, we're talking holiday strategy.

By this time in the holiday season, you've probably had your fill of pie. To counteract the overdose, you could whip up a batch of Christmas cookies—or you could go big and bake a beautiful, towering layer cake. It may not be as easy as pie, but we're here to help you become a cake baking pro with Mad Genius Tips from F&W’s Justin Chapple and decorating pointers from our sister brands Real Simple and Southern Living.

How to Cut Cake Layers with Dental Floss
Your medicine cabinet holds the key to perfectly sized cake layers, every time.

The Easiest Way to Line a Round Cake Pan with Parchment Paper
Make sure you don’t lose any cake with these tips.

How to Decorate the Sides of a Cake
Whether you want to cover the sides in sprinkles or need to cover up a mistake, this video's got your back.

Christmas Cake Decorations
Beautiful, seasonal ideas for cakes that will truly stand out, from berry wreaths to gingerbread cookie snowflakes.

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