The Ultimate Hanukkah Party

The harissa masters of NYShuk, Leetal and Ron Arazi, hosted family and friends for a beautiful Moroccan-style Hanukkah party.

The harissa masters of NYSHUK, Leetal and Ron Arazi, hosted a beautiful Moroccan-style Hanukkah party for family and friends. Click through the slideshow to see their holiday feast, which included heirloom recipes like Chicken 'Levivot' and this Giant Jerusalem Artichoke Latke topped with yogurt, herbs and the spice paste they make called l’ekama. The hot latke paired with the cold yogurt, intense spices and fresh parsley makes for a winning dish.

NYSHUK's Hanukkah Menu
Giant Jerusalem Artichoke Latke
Chicken 'Levivot' with Harissa Sauce
Charred Beets and Herbs
Ekmek Kadayif (Cream-Filled Doughnuts with Pistachios)
Sfinj (Moroccan Doughnuts)

Video: Watch How NYShuk Makes Harissa!
5 Ways to Use Harissa
3 Things You Didn't Know About Couscous

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