The Ultimate Guide to Prepping, Cooking and Carving a Thanksgiving Turkey

We're partnering with our Time Inc. sister brands Cooking LightHealthMy RecipesReal Simple, Southern Living and Sunset to bring you 60 days of amazing holiday video, with a new theme each week. Your Thanksgiving Turkey training starts here.

How do you make a turkey that tastes as good as it looks? That's the key to perfecting the Thanksgiving spread and these three video demos from Real Simple will show you exactly how to succeed.

How to Prep a Thanksgiving Turkey
Learn how to remove the giblets and position your turkey on a roasting rack.

How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey
After you get the turkey into the oven, you'll want to cook it to the right temperature: 165 degrees.

How to Carve a Thanksgiving Turkey
For no-fuss carving, follow this demo step-by-step and watch how to slice thigh and breast meat for expert plating.

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