Turn Your Avocado Toast into Dinner

The secret? Top it with a hefty salad.

These healthy recipes are all created to pair with wine (which has 120 to 150 calories for a 5-ounce glass)—all for 600 calories or fewer.

Avocado toast has become an Instagram cliché. While it makes a great breakfast, all you need to turn it into dinner are some vegetables and protein. Here, the toast gets smothered in a hefty brussels sprouts salad. For the most nutritional value, use dense, seedy bread. An easy-drinking sparkling wine, like cava, is a fun choice for these toasts. It makes them feel extra festive.

Avocado Toast with Brussels Sprouts, Pecorino and Sunflower Seeds
Total: 1 HR

½ pound brussels sprouts, halved and thinly sliced crosswise (about 2 cups)
2 tablespoons toasted sunflower seeds
½ tablespoon lemon juice
2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons shaved pecorino cheese
1 avocado, halved, pitted and sliced
2 pieces whole-grain rye bread, toasted

1. In a large bowl, combine the brussels sprouts with ½ teaspoon of salt; toss, massaging the sprouts lightly. Add the sunflower seeds, lemon juice, olive oil and pecorino and let stand for 5 minutes. Season again with salt if necessary.

2. Arrange half of the avocado on each slice of bread. Mound the brussels sprouts salad on top, and serve with a fork and knife.

One serving 443 cal, 27 gm fat, 3 gm sat fat, 50 gm carb, 16 gm fiber, 9 gm protein.

Wine Easy-drinking cava, such as NV Bujonis Reserva Brut.

Kristin Donnelly is a former Food & Wine editor and author of the forthcoming The Modern Potluck (Clarkson Potter, 2016). She is also the cofounder of Stewart & Claire, an all-natural line of lip balms made in Brooklyn.

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