Toast Dad With These Epic Father's Day Cocktails

© Lucas Allen
Happy Father's Day!

Raise a glass to celebrate Dad with these excellent Father's Day drinks.

1. Zombie 

Dad will love this tiki-inspired rum cocktail. 

2. Trailer Park Smash

© Lucas Allen

Bartender Gui Jaroschy sweetens this rye and beer punch with an easy caraway syrup. 

3. Cuba Libre 

Use Mexican Coca-Cola or another brand made with cane sugar for this classic cocktail. 

4. Negronis with Fresh Oregano

© Cedric Angeles

To put his own spin on a classic Negroni, chef Zakary Pelaccio garnishes the cocktail with a sprig of oregano from his garden.

5. Sergio Leone 

© Lucas Allen

What's the secret to this smoky cocktail? Charleston bartender sprinkles pimento d'Espelette (Basque smoked paprika) on the large ice cubes.

6. Roasted Lemon and Bay Leaf Hard Lemonade

Roasting citrus makes it more intense and fragrant. F&W's Justin Chapple adds bay leaves and lemons to his roasting pan to make this incredible cocktail.

7. Tommy Gun 

Spicy fresh ginger stars in this take on the classic whiskey sour. 

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