These Awesome Lamps Grow Like Mushrooms

© Nix + Gerber Studio
These beautiful lamps aren't built, they're grown.

Umami-packed mushrooms are a no-brainer when it comes to amping up pasta or risotto. But what about home décor? Enter the Mush-Lume lighting collection from Danielle Trofe. The Brooklyn-based designer creates (or grows) her line of lamps from an organic, biodegradable mushroom material.

© Nix + Gerber Studio

To make a lamp, Trofe mixes agricultural leftovers like seed husks and corn stalks with liquid mushroom mycelium, then pours the mix into lampshade molds. After a few days, the material has grown into the mold and is heated and dried, thereby halting the growth. Then, the soft, textured shades are ready to be mounted or hung. Since the pieces are all-natural and made with organic materials they are, technically, edible. But Trofe recommends disposing of them by breaking them down into smaller pieces and composting them, instead.

The Mush-Lume line of lamps is available on Trofe’s website starting at $300.

[h/t Food Republic]

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