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Make This Now

For the most part, a tailgate is a place for meat. But as long as you have the grill set up and sizzling, you'd be smart to cook some vegetables.


Here comes college bowl season. So exciting! Equally as exciting are the dispatches from the BCS tailgating front lines. Since the South takes its football—and tailgating—very seriously, we got intel on the top five parties in the Southeastern Conference. Read more >

Drink This Now
Apricot Wings

© Marcus Nilsson

Forget the field, the real action during football season is in the parking lots where die-hard fans of barbecue and other pregame foods gather to eat and drink before the game. Many tailgate enthusiasts own tricked-out grills, portable smokers and outdoor living room setups with televisions that put most people’s home sets to shame—like these dedicated superfans. But when it comes to beverages, a cooler full of generic six-packs is sadly common. Tailgaters who pay as much attention to drinks as they do to chili warrant legend status. Tailgate-perfect cocktails, wine and beer >


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