What better for the start of summer than a membership to Food & Wine’s great new wine club, Firstleaf?

Ray Isle
June 20, 2016

As of today it’s officially summer, and that means grilling season is upon us. And that means that people need wine. No question you can go to the store and stock up, but instead why not skip the drive and the bother and join Firstleaf, Food & Wine’s innovative new wine club?

Most wine clubs ship whatever bottles they happen to have on hand. Firstleaf, on the other hand, is interactive: As a member, you rate every bottle you’ve received, and Firstleaf builds a personalized profile for you, meaning that each new selection is tailored to your taste. On top of that, you get to preview each shipment, and swap out anything that you don’t feel like trying for a different wine—a process that takes less than thirty seconds, and is easy to do from your mobile device.

Firstleaf’s introductory offer is for three bottles; after that, regular shipments are six bottles every two months. But that’s just a suggested amount of wine—members can change how often they get shipments any time they like.

To kick off the sunny weather, I put together a great summer three-pack of bottles; two crisp whites and a terrific Pinot Noir, for $29.95 (shipping included). It's available right now, the weather’s warm, and your friends are thirsty—so why wait?

Included are the following wines:

2014 Domaine du Tariquet Classic Côtes de Gascogne

This would be a killer poolside wine: bright and lively, with tingly citrus notes and a little honeysuckle nuance in the aroma.

2012 Uvaggio Vermentino Lodi

Vermentino, a grape native to some of Italy’s coastal regions, gets a California spin in this medium-bodied, aromatic white; think fresh-cut melon with a little spritz of lemon.

2010 Evening Land The Table Pinot Noir

A few years of age in the cellar have made this black cherry-ish Pinot soft and supple; it’s light enough you could chill it down if you liked, and rich enough that it could even stand up to burgers off the grill.

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