Stephanie Izard's Mouthwatering Bread Salad

Warning: Test Kitchen Tease snapshots may cause cravings, lip-smacking and an unshakeable desire to cook.

Artichoke and Strawberry Panzanella

This week, the F&W Test Kitchen excitedly tested recipes from Stephanie Izard's forthcoming cookbook, Girl in the Kitchen. An F&W Best New Chef 2011 and champion of Bravo’s Top Chef Season 4, Izard serves this popular Artichoke and Strawberry Panzanella at her Chicago restaurant, Girl & The Goat. The seemingly wild combination of braised artichokes, thinly sliced strawberries, crispy ciabatta cubes and basil happens to be extremely delicious—especially when tossed with a garlicky-lemon dressing and served on a hefty slice of fresh mozzarella. Chronicle Books will release the book in November, but F&W has lots of bread salad recipes for a fall supper like an Artichoke Panzanella with Tangy Roasted Chicken Thighs.

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