Secret Soft Drink?

Has anyone heard of Mash? In a era when bottles of water get their own MySpace page, it's oddly refreshing to walk into a no-frills deli and spot a soft drink I haven't seen before. But that's what happened earlier today when I saw some appealingly chubby bottles of Mash, a new line by Boylan, at a deli called Food World (a favorite of Food & Wine's production department) in NYC's midtown. The flavor I picked up—Lemon Peel Ginger Root—was slightly carbonated, slightly sweet, and altogether appealing, though I wish it had more zing. But the brand isn't even listed on Boylan's website. One hypothesis about the drink's mysteriously low-key presence, by the Gotham City Insider blog: "It must be brand new or Boylan is keeping it secret for some reason."

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