Seattle's New Super-Restaurateur

Seattle chef Ethan Stowell, one of this year’s excellent Best New Chefs, is proving to be the Northwest’s über restaurateur: He’s just announced plans to open his fourth restaurant in five years. Called Anchovies & Olives (no phone number yet; 1550 15th Ave), the restaurant is slated to open at the end of December or early next year. I recently chatted with Stowell to learn more about the new spot, a 44-seater in Seattle’s Pike Pine Triangle.

Ethan Stowell

© Thomas Barwick

What’s behind the name?

Can you give a preview of the menu?

Any tips for how the home cook could easily incorporate anchovies or olives in their cooking?

Any tips for what kind of anchovies or olives to look for?
“If you’re using packed anchovies, I encourage ones packed in salt over ones packed in oil, though you should soak these in water before using. Salt-packed anchovies tend to be meatier. For olives, I love Castelvetranos. They’re the big fat green ones from Sicily and are really buttery, rich and sweet.”

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