Scientists Identify What Makes Parmesan So Delicious

It’s not wood pulp.

We’ve always known that Parmesan, with its irresistible combination of sweet, salty and umami flavors, is absolutely delicious. (Even cats know that). But now we know why. In effort to make a more consistently high-quality cheese, two researchers from the Technical University of Munich have identified the key components in Parm that make it taste so distinctly amazing.

According to the American Chemical Society, Hedda Hillmann and Thomas Hofmann found 31 compounds that were responsible for Parmesan’s savory flavors. The researchers believe that this discovery will help cheese manufacturers create an even better product.

If you really know your peptides, you can see the full report and chemical breakdown here. Or, if you want to experience those peptides in action, try these gooey, extra-cheesy chicken Parmesan recipes.

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